Welcome to the Coaching KidLit Podcast!

The Coaching KidLit podcast will explore aspects of children’s book writing and offer coaching tools for leveling up your KidLit writing game.

We will also feature interviews with KidLit authors and coaches and dive into their creative processes.

And, of course, we will provide children’s book recommendations, and listing our recent favorites, which may or may not lead to a full-on debate/discussion about the KidLit books we love and why we love them.

Give us a listen and let us know what you like, or don’t like, and send us your topic and KidLit book recommendations.


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  • Episode 28: The Interplay of Words and Art in Picture Book Writing and Publishing with Guest Michael Hale

    In this episode of Coaching KidLit, Sharon talks Picture Books with award-winning author/illustrator and Picture Book publishing guru, Michael Hale. From the importance of open communication and trusting collaboration between authors and illustrators to the invaluable advice for aspiring creators considering traditional vs. self-publishing, this episode is brimming with inspiration and practical tips about creating…

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  • Episode 27: Writing Craft Book Roundup

    In this episode of Coaching KidLit, Christy and Sharon dig into eleven great Writing Craft Books, why they like them, how they use them, and why you might want to check them out. The discussions centers ways to use of craft writing books and materials when writing KidLit, including tools and approaches for character development,…

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  • Episode 26: Navigating Through Emotional Topics in Middle Grade with Author Karen Chow

    In this episode of Coaching KidLit, Christy and Sharon discuss the process of writing and publishing emotionally challenging KidLit with guest, Karen Chow. Chow, a middle-grade novelist and engineer by day, opens up about her debut novel Miracle, in which she explores tough subjects such as cancer, grief, and emotional recovery. Chow shares her experiences…

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  • Episode 25: Writing Routines and Practices

    Christy and Sharon discuss writing routines and processes for writers navigating their creative journeys, including the need for flexibility, embracing imperfection, and finding joy in the process of creating a sustainable and personalized writing routine.   Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @CoachingKidLit For more information about Sharon Skinner, visit bookcoachingbysharon.com or follow her on Instagram @sharon_skinner_author_bookcoach and…

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  • Episode 24: Project Management for Writers with Guest Sara Gentry

    In this special episode, Sharon takes a break while Christy nerds out with fellow Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach Sara Gentry, focusing on project management for writers. They discuss setting practical deadlines, recognizing personal workflows, and the importance of documenting progress. They also emphasize approaching the creative process with intention while being open to discovery.  …

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