Welcome to the Coaching KidLit Podcast!

The Coaching KidLit podcast will explore aspects of children’s book writing and offer coaching tools for leveling up your KidLit writing game.

We will also feature interviews with KidLit authors and coaches and dive into their creative processes.

And, of course, we will provide children’s book recommendations, and listing our recent favorites, which may or may not lead to a full-on debate/discussion about the KidLit books we love and why we love them.

Give us a listen and let us know what you like, or don’t like, and send us your topic and KidLit book recommendations.


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  • Episode 08: Using Source Material

    Sharon and Christy discuss source material, challenges with adhering too close to facts, and ways you can put some distance between you and the “way things really happened” in order to tell a compelling and emotionally resonant story.

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  • Episode 07: KidLit Journeys with Author Cindy L. Rodriguez

    Join Sharon and Christy as they welcome their first guest, KidLit author Cindy L. Rodriguez, to talk about her journey to KidLit through journalism and teaching middle school. Cindy’s debut picture book, Three Pockets Full, illustrated by Begoña Fernández Corbalán, comes out July 1 from Cardinal Rule Press.

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  • Episode 06: Character Development

    What drives a story is not only what happens to the protagonist, but what it means to them, their choices and the consequences of those choices, and what they choose to do after that. The character journey is what the story really is about. This is especially true in KidLit. Join Christy and Sharon as […]

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  • Episode 05: Emotional Truth

    The most engaging stories are those that contain emotional truth. So, what is emotional truth? And how can you get it onto the page? Christy and Sharon explore what it means to write emotional truth, and how, when you write from a place that is emotionally true, the reader will truly connect to that, even […]

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  • Why?

    Episode 4: “Why?” As book coaches, we like to start with why because the answer to that question is like a mission statement for your book and the engine for doing the work. Why write this story? Why this book? Why are you the person to write this story? Why does it matter? It’s an […]

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