Episode 20: KidLit 101 with Guests Cheryl Malone and Victoria J. Coe

Christy and Sharon talked with Victoria J. Coe and Cheryl Malone, co-authors of Writing KidLit 101: A Self-Guided Course.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Backgrounds and journeys of the guests as KidLit writers
  • Importance of reading current children’s books as mentor texts
  • Differences between genre vs category in KidLit
  • Craft elements like perspective vs point of view, scenes, character arcs
  • Writing picture books vs novels
  • Collaborating to write “Writing KidLit 101” to help new writers
  • Actionable tips for writing KidLit:
    • Read debut authors
    • Examine older and newer books side-by-side
    • Write a motivational letter to yourself

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