Episode 26: Navigating Through Emotional Topics in Middle Grade with Author Karen Chow

In this episode of Coaching KidLit, Christy and Sharon discuss the process of writing and publishing emotionally challenging KidLit with guest, Karen Chow. Chow, a middle-grade novelist and engineer by day, opens up about her debut novel Miracle, in which she explores tough subjects such as cancer, grief, and emotional recovery. Chow shares her experiences from college until her book’s publication, as well as insights about her creative process. She provides advice to aspiring writers, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability in writing and self-care during the process.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Karen Chow
01:42 Discussing Karen’s Debut Novel: Miracle
03:09 Exploring Tough Topics in Middle Grade Literature
03:34 The Inspiration Behind ‘Miracle’
05:16 The Writing Process and Challenges
10:09 The Journey to Getting Published
21:20 The Impact of ‘Miracle’ on Readers
30:16 Advice for Writers Tackling Difficult Topics
33:53 Teaser for Karen’s Next Project
39:15 Conclusion and Contact Information


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