What is KidLit?

Episode 1: What is KidLit? 

Hello Listener! Welcome to Coaching KidLit, a podcast about writing and publishing good kid lit, hosted by Author Accelerator Certified Book Coaches, Christy Yaros and Sharon Skinner.

In this first episode, we talk about what kidlit is and what it isn’t, so our listeners will know what the heck we’re talking about when we talk about writing for kids. 

The ways book categories are sliced and diced is a construct designed to help match the right books with the appropriate readers. So while the categories we discuss in this episode include standard target age ranges, etc., they aren’t as black and white as they appear.  There are gray zones of overlap in between them, but knowing where your story best fits is a critical component in navigating the kidlit book writing and publishing realm. 

KidLit book categories discussed include:

Board Books [02:16]

Picture Books [03:26]

Early Readers [08:07]

Chapter Books [10:32]

Middle Grade [12:15]

Young Adult [14:49]

New Adult [17:56]

We also dive into what does not constitute KidLit [20:12].

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